Portable Candelabra answers to Globalization of Lunch Break

October 6, 2011
By admin

Parisians now only take 22 minutes for lunch compared to an hour and a half 20 years ago according to a recent Daily Telegraph article.  Lunch, and sometimes dinner, have become sustenance-only necessities interrupting an otherwise steady day of work.  Priorities are changing quickly; banking hours on Wall Street are dictating how people socialize in Barcelona.

Whereas new communication technologies introduce the office and work demands into our private time, reclaiming the lunch hour (or two) might be possible with more traditional technologies: the Candleabra Necklace.

Twist two set screws and the dangling candlesticks lock in position.  Open a door and find everything you need for a romantic centerpiece; strike anywhere matches and beeswax candles are at your fingertips.  The side of the necklace box is sandblasted so you might light a match easily without scratching the surface of your dining room table, or melamine snack bar counter-top. Redefining space around your lunch can help reduce the commodity-lunch effect and add warmth to the simpler things in life, like a cold sandwich.

Candelabra Necklace

Portable candelabra with matchbox and beeswax candles, made from brass. ©1996, 2011 Micah Donovan

Portable candelabra, closed and lit, with matchbox and beeswax candles, made from brass. ©1996, 2011 by Micah Donovan

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