Sourdoughnuts, Hamilton Style- the warm up

September 10, 2012
By Sketch Editors

Spiritual birthplace of the doughnut Hamilton, Ontario inspires this recipe all the way down to the provenance of the ingredients.  A cousin of these fried pastries will make its way to Localicious, the local food event September 18 at the AGO Hamilton.  Through and through local, the yeast was cultured within 150k of the Hammer and the filling is the sweetest end to summer the Niagara region can produce.

Dough made from locally milled flour is sometimes not as fluffy as ones made from highly processed and bleached flours, but this batch was surprisingly tender and has a great nutty flavour, (or we wouldn’t be sharing the recipe).  Doughnuts that please with a true chew and flavour of slowly fermented sourdough are a perfect match for jelly-fillings and mornings to remember.

The flour is Osprey Light, a hard winter white wheat from K2 in Tottenham, Ontario mixed with their Goldfinch, a soft wheat– some of the fields that supply K2 are in the Hamilton region, and it is all Ontario flour.

This recipe is in grams so buy or borrow a scale if you’re a cup and spoon user.  Doughnut aficionados will already have a scale.


The ingredients (substitutions in parentheses)

225g  K2 Osprey Light Flour (or all purpose)

200g K2 Goldfinch pastry flour (or all purpose)

100g sourdough starter, or about a cup (see Bringing Home the Baking)

200ml milk

50g unsalted butter, melted

1 egg

7g sea salt (non iodized)

1/2 tsp baking soda

75g maple sugar

1tbsp K2 malt (barley malt flour from brew store)

one packet commercial instant yeast, 8g

10 ml warm water

Mix the milk, egg, and butter, add the maple sugar and whisk till smooth

Moisten yeast with 10ml warm water, add malt

Blend the remaining dry ingredients, add starter, yeast mixture to wet, stirring in dry ingredients.  Mix til all moistened, no kneading.

Let rest (autolyze) 30 minutes, then knead or mix till smooth 3 to 5 minutes, let rest, rise til double (1.5 to 3 hours depending on temp)

pull out of bowl onto lightly floured surface, roll and pat to 1/3rd to 1/2 inch thick

cut with biscuit or donut cutter or piece of copper pipe, let rest 1 hour or until almost double again

deep fry in light oil at 375 for a minute or 2 each side (goes brown quickly)

dust with maple sugar when hot

poke holes in donut with chopstick

fill with pastry bag of desired custard, jam or jelly


Niagara Grape jelly

500g blue grapes (Merlot, Concord, etc)

100g sugar or 150g honey


1 Kilo blue grapes (Merlot, Concord, etc)

300g local honey

Yellow Plum Honey Jam

700g yellow plum

200g honey

wash and cut plums in half, pull pits out but leave skins on (buy organic)

pour honey over plums in copper or stainless pot, cover overnight

simmer for several hours, stirring til thick (ice water test gives you an idea of texture when cool)

Can jelly or fill doughnuts. Remember it will be runnier hot than cold so test a portion cooled down to check consistency.  Leaving the skins on imparts natural pectin, and you can strain the skins out later with a sieve or cheesecloth.

Quick maple butter frosting

3 tbsp unsalted butter

1 tbsp maple sugar, granulated

1/2 tsp cornstarch

whisk all together, spread on cool donuts

Chris’ classic donut recipe:

1 cup warm water
4 1/2 tps active dried yeast
1 cup AP flour

let the sponge rise up for about an hour

Separate bowl:

10 Tbsp butter 1 1/4 sticks
creamy mixer styles add the sugar gradually
1/2 cup sugar
Add 3 large eggs one at a time
Add Vanilla, Salt, Grated Lemon Zest you know about how much
Add the yeast sponge,
then add 3 1/2 cups AP flour, let rise 1-2 hours, punch down, refrigerate for 3 hours at least or over night
the rest you know what to do (roll out, cut, let rise second time, fry 355-375f)

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